Stage, 2012

Made in the framework of the project ‘Mapping the Landscape’ at Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo, Stage consists of 2 projections installed back-to-back and 2 audio tracks. Showing both sides of a section of the NL-DE border, which was once the main border crossing area with customs offices and patrolling officials but is now a double dead-end street, Stage observes the goings-on here one languid afternoon.
Nothing much happens.
Present within the frame are both an unassuming townscape and the site of complex, political and ideological entanglements.

For ‘Mapping the Landscape’ Hoegen explored aspects of the border in the local context of Venlo and in a broader sense, an enquiry that resulted in the radio essay ‘Border’ which was aired on June 30th 2012 on L1 radio and which contains excerpts from interviews with Henk van Houtum, Florian Schneider and Dimitri Tokmetzis as well as conversations with locals form both sides of the border.

Stage is part of the exhibition ‘Mapping the Landscape’ at Museum van Bommel van Dam.
September 2nd 2012 through Januari 6th 2013
opening 2 september om 15.00 uur
Antoine Berghs
Paul Devens
Sebastian Freytag
Philippine Hoegen
Frank Koolen
Heidi Linck
Paulien Oltheten
Kai Rheineck

Museum van Bommel van Dam
Deken van Oppensingel 6
NL 5911 AD Venlo
Open dinsdag t/m zondag 11.00–17.00 uur.