Between Art and Politics
Between Art and Politics, 16 Maart 2012

Between Art and Politics is a Round Table Discussion organised by students of AKV St Joost as part of the Minor 'Bewteen Art and Politics' , tutored by Philippine Hoegen and Pietje Tegenbosch.
At issue are contemporary developements in Dutch cultural politics, the pressure for legitimisation of the arts and the scope and potential of art as a place of autonomy and subversion.

Speakers: Wilburt Smulders, Rune Peitersen, Annelinde Kirchgaesser, Camiel van Winkel
Organising students: Anna Barbara Kolbers, Vera Mennens, Anne Feenstra, Pauw Vos, Wim de Leeuw, Koen Cornelise, Lina van Hassel
Moderator: Philippine Hoegen