Tool for a Conversation 1, 2014



What is on the table?


1. A set of cards with words.

2. A set of blank cards.

3. A letter to apass, which has been divided into 12 numbered parts. The ‘you’ in the letter is one or some or all of you at apass.

4. Virtual dice.

5. A virtual stopwatch.



What do you do?


1. 2 players are required for this game

2. 2 players sit on opposite sides of the table; one is the reader, the other the gambler.

3. The Gambler roles the dice*. The number on the dice is the number of word-cards to be turned; the last card is the word you have drawn. Lay this face up on the table.

4. The Gambler takes a blank card and fills in a second word of his or her own choice. Lay this card beside the other on the table.

5. The Gambler roles the dice** again.

6. The number on the dice is the number of the text that will now be read by the reader.

7. Reader and Gambler discuss for 10 minutes the relation between the words and the text. The form of the conversation is open to negotiation (for example, is might be a silent conversatin). Notes of the discussion are written or drawn on the piece of paper between you.



*It is up to you if you use 1 or 2 dice, there are more than 12 words.

**It is up to you if you use 1 or 2 dice. There are 12 texts.