Bent Books
Bent konsept ve uygulama Bent concept and realization
BAS, Philippine Hoegen
Editörler Editors
Banu Cennetoğlu, Philippine Hoegen
Tasarım danışmanı Design adviser
Bülent Erkmen
Yayıncı Publisher
Baskı işlemleri Printing
Ofset Yapımevi ve Matbaacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş
Yahya Kemal Mah. Şair Sok. No: 4 Kağıthane İstanbul
Dağıtım Distribution
BAS İstanbul Sanat Araştırmaları Derneği
Meşrutiyet Cad No: 166 Beyoğlu İstanbul

Bent 001: Pavement Myth-The Life of the Pavement’s Wolf (1,2,3,4,5,6)
by Masist Gül
May – October 2006
52 pages / 17cmx24cm / colour / offset printing
Publisher: BAS
Edition: 1000
Publisher: BAS, Istanbul,
ISBN: 9944-5030-0-2 / 9944-5030-1-0 / 9944-5030-2-9/ 9944-5030-3-7
9944-5030-4-5 / 9944-5030-5-3

Masist Gül (1947-2003) was an artist of Armenian origin, who was born and lived in Istanbul. Although he made his living as an actor playing minor roles in over 300 movies, he produced a large amount of collages, drawings and poetry. None of the work was published or exhibited during his life. During the 80's he conceived and made by hand a series of 6 books with the title "Kaldırım Destanı – Kaldırımlar Kurdunun Hayatı" (Pavement Myth – The Life of the Pavement's Wolf) using a periodical comic book format. The first existing reproductions of these originals are published as Bent 001.

Bent 002: TakipPoursuite

Artist: Aslı Çavuşoğlu
June 2006
78 pages / 9.5cmx15cm / b&w / offset printing Edition: 1000
Publisher: BAS, Istanbul,
ISBN: 9944-5030-6-1

TakipPoursuite is a crime story by Aslı Çavuşoğlu. It was constructed entirely with sentences or parts of sentences from language phrase books. One Japanese-Turkish and two French-Turkish books were used.

Bent 003

Artist: Emre Hüner
February 2007
48 pages / 20cmx27cm / colour / offset printing Edition: 500
price: € 39
Publisher: BAS
ISBN: 978-9944-5030-7-5

Like a collector, Hüner builds an archive of things. Painting them by hand in tempera, he groups and categorizes each element and files it on a page. The archive is followed by the unfolding of a layered world. Dystopian images of laboratories, mines and ice-lands where
human industry and invention are fringed by decay and decomposition. Every single detail in the images is to be found in the archive on the first pages. Digitally cloning, fitting, attaching the parts, Hüner constructs a whole as it suggests itself from the parts.

Bent 004: SSS - Shore Scene Soundtrack / Themes and Variations for Carpet

Artist: Cevdet Erek
February 2008
64 pages / 13.5cmx19cm / b&w / offset printing
Edition: 1000
Publisher: BAS
ISBN: 978-605-0025-01-9

SSS can be seen as an attempt to share a discovery. It explains in detail to the reader how one can mimic the sea, how this can be done simply for oneself or formally as a performance. The required state of mind for making the imitation is treated with the same precision as technique and necessary equipment. Humorously but without irony, Erek constructs a subjective guide by passing from a contemplation on the imitation of nature, through a step-by-step manual to a form of written music.

Bent 005: KILAVUZ

Artist: Atıl Kunst
March 2009
560 pages / 13cmx19cm / b&w / offset printing
Edition: 750
Publisher: BAS
ISBN : 978-605-4019-00-7

KILAVUZ is a guide to the standardized tests SBS, OKS and OYS. These are tests taken by all Turkish students at different stages of their school careers. Their scores determine if, where and on which level they will proceed in their studies. A selection of questions from these tests is reproduced. Reading through them, one is confronted by themes and suppositions that permeate the questions, subtly revealing the presumptions and state of mind that inform these questions and the way in which they reflect current events in contemporary Turkey. Illuminating in a different way is the index in the back of the book which dryly lists how often certain words or used.